has evolved into a missional engine. Our desire is to move every aspect of modern culture through consulting, coaching + creative communication.




Strategy + Systems

Our approach aims to develop breakthrough strategy that is built on a unique perspective about the future and requires the development of competencies that allow a organization to innovate successfully.

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Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Track is a 9 month cohort on the subject of Christian leadership as well as a systematic study of the biblical philosophy of leadership.

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“The Movement will produce the next generation of emerging leaders in both the church and the marketplace with an impact for generations to come.” — Dre Burgs


The perfect blend of creativity + strategy.

Creative Communication

We offer brand architecture + positioning. We obsess as much over the message and strategy, as we do the creative visuals. Although we would like to say we are for everyone, that is just not the case. Over the years, we found that we partner best with brands that improve people’s lives and desire growth. If you are not okay with settling in success and your purpose is great, we will make your brand matter to your audience

Services we provide: Brand Messaging | Brand Visuals | Marketing | Brand Strategy Consulting + Advisor | Promotional Videos | Interview Style Videos