Jesus was on a mission to make disciples.  Jesus made disciples by teaching people by the thousands. He made disciples by living life together with dozens.  And, He made disciples teaching people one-on-one.

Our purpose in life is to be His disciples.  And, He commanded us to make disciples like He did. A disciple is someone who loves, follows, and joins Jesus on His mission.  Jesus did a great job at this, so we want to follow His example of how to make disciples.

We make disciples following Jesus' model. We will teach people by the hundreds in our Sunday gatherings. We will live life together during the week. And, we will mentor people one-on-one through one:one Discipleship.

Movement Discipleship Program


Jesus commanded us to to make disciples. Jesus did a really good job at this. A disciple is a devoted follower of Christ. Discipleship is people leading people as they follow Christ. one:one Discipleship is a plan to walk one-on-one in a mentoring relationship context. 

One : One Discipleship Begins Summer 2017