Join Us This Weekend // Sunday @ 9AM // 1730 Williams Trace Blvd

We love Jesus

We love Him as He is, and we're not trying to alter Him or apologize for Him. We don't try to cover Him up or present Him different than He is in order to make Him more attractive. Our hope is to know Him more and reveal Him for who He really is. We are not ashamed of Him, we expose Him. We aim for our gatherings to mirror Christ’s teachings, and to look like the early church looked when they gathered – simple, intimate, authentic, and straight-forward

Our teaching is Biblical

We study through books of the Bible. We believe that the Spirit of God speaks through the Scriptures of God. Our role in teaching is to uncover and reveal the truths already contained in Scripture.  We do not add to the Scriptures, nor do we apologize for the truths they contain by omitting truth, or repackaging it to be more tolerable.  We strive to teach the Scriptures as Christ and the apostles taught – speaking the whole truth in love.

We worship Christ, not us

We sing to Jesus, about Jesus, focus on the attributes of God in our worship. We meditate on the truths of who God is, how He works, and how we live in response to Him. We spend time outwardly proclaiming the greatness of God, and quietly reflecting on who He is.  If you're searching to know who Christ is, and wanting authentic community where you experience church the way it should be, not the way it is.  Movement Church is the place for you. 

We love kids

We partner with families to build a Gospel-centered spiritual foundation for their lives.