Leadership Coaching

Our Team offers leadership and career coaching services to meet the needs of professionals at all levels of the organization, from executives and senior leaders to the entry-level employee and lay persons. Whether your goal is to improve your managerial effectiveness, to improve your promotability, or to determine the next move in your career or ministry, our coaches can work with you to provide support, encouragement and accountability.

A typical leadership coaching program consists of six to eight sessions and is designed to partner with any level employee to help them accomplish their career and professional goals. Additional sessions can be added based on the needs of the individual.

Coaching that gets and keeps you moving...


How To Select A Coach

Coaching is built on a relationship. In fact, that’s what you buy when you hire a coach. You buy a relationship with someone who can help you achieve things you’ve never achieved before. Therefore it is critical to have one or more conversations with any potential coach.


Here are some sample questions you may ask a potential coach:

  • What is your background and how did you get into coaching?
  • What has been your experience and training as a coach?
  • Who are some people ( like me) whom you have helped and how have you helped them?
  • How does your coaching process work?
  •  What can you promise me if we work together? What can I expect?

As a leadership and career coach I always enjoy these conversations. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send our team an email to schedule a 30-minute phone interview. We are always happy to visit face to face as well. This way we can determine together if this relationship is a good fit for you. And whatever you do, always keep challenging yourself and growing as a leader. Hiring a coach might be the best decision you’ve ever made!


Our Directional Leaders

God has divinely designed Dre + Shawn Burgs with the ability to pioneer new, innovative and mission minded works, while mobilizing others to engage in mission. Collectively they have a diverse background in entrepreneurship, real estate sales and marketing, mortgage brokerage and corporate training coaching and consulting.  They are from and live in the city of Houston, TX with their two sons, Christian and Carson, and daughter, Carli.


Dre Burgs is the Visionary Architect and Directional Lead of TheMovement.tv, comprised of Movement Church, Movement Wear and Movement Music, LLC. Pastor Dre obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies from The College of Biblical Studies and also studied Communications at Sam Houston State University majoring in Radio & Television, minoring in Marketing. Dre completed his Master of Arts in (Biblical and Theological Studies) at Western Seminary, in Portland OR and is pursing the Doctor of Intercultural Studies.  

Shawn Burgs is the co-founder and Change Catalyst of TheMovement.tv and Women’s Pastor to the women of Movement Church.  She is the Executive Director of Fit Movement a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Shawn also studied Communications at Sam Houston State University majoring in Journalism.  She completed her Masters in Christian Education from Criswell College in Dallas, TX.