Church Planting Training

Over a period of 6 months, your cohort will be trained to develop a contextual strategy that effectively plants through evangelism and disciple making.  Send is the training that veteran church planters wished we all had before we ever started planting. This planting track leans toward planters who have some ministry experience, formal theological background and may or may not be indigenous to the context of their mission field. At the end of the process, you will be able to find the thread that connects your unique call and gifting to your specific context to the appropriate planting model.

Certified Multiply Church Planter Trainer (North American Mission Board)

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Church Renewal Training

Thank you for your interest in our renewal and replanting program at TheMovement. Our hope and prayer for this residency program is to encourage, educate, equip and unleash future pastors in their role of helping to lead revitalization in dying and declining churches for the glory of God. Under supervision, residents will gain knowledge and experience in the areas of pastoral leadership, shepherding, and preaching for a church revitalization context. We are excited about the possibility of you joining us! 

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Church Network

MovementChurch.tv has a citywide approach to church multiplication. We believe the best way to see people saved and discipled is with our “Movement City Group Model”.  City groups are local expressions of the Church embedded in the marketplace that seek to bring about personal and community transformation. They are groups of 24-60 people following Jesus together and on mission to expand the Kingdom of God. Human beings are made to have a tribe, a small group of people with shared vision and values that can know, encourage and equip one another. Each city group is part of a larger body of believers within their geographical area called a Hub. The partners of MovementChurch.tv get the best of both worlds; belonging to a smaller group of people on mission together (seeing the lost saved and disciples made), and part of a broader vision to transform whole cities, regions, and nations for Christ. Now is the time for Revival in America, will you join us

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