Our “future back” approach to strategy + system consulting.


Strategy + System

TheMovement.tv builds on their work and our approaches are based on principles that have been proven over the last two decades. One principle is “work from the future back to the present” to prevent companies merely extrapolating from the past to the current and into a future that will only stimulate incremental improvements to current products and services but never question the fundamentals of the industry.

Our approach aims to develop breakthrough strategy that is built on a unique perspective about the future and requires the development of competencies that allow a company to innovate successfully.

Some of the key questions we address in our approach to explore the future state environment:

  1. What will the future environment be in which we operate?

  2. Which customers will we serve?

  3. What needs will we address, what problems will we solve?

  4. Where will our company lead and how will we transform ourselves?

  5. What will be the basis for our competitive advantage?

  6. What do we believe drives our choices?

  7. How will we get from where we are today to where we need to be in the future?


"Begin with the end in mind" Steven Covey


There are many strategy consulting firms but none that provide the integrated approach to strategy, innovation and capability development that we apply. Our future back approach is different from traditional processes and provides a much better fit for times of rapid change and potential disruption.

Key differences of our approach are:

  1. Work from the future back

  2. Build the strategy off a strong foundation of business opportunities

  3. Ask different questions to get different answers than your competitors

  4. Engage a relevant subset of your organization

  5. Integrate strategy, innovation and capability

If you are looking for strategic consulting that can help you prepare for a future where innovation is key to organizational growth and provides a different approach that helps you win then please contact us.

Culture Alignment

An organization's culture can support or undermine its strategy. We help clients assess the alignment of culture and strategy, establish a target culture and evaluate the degree to which executives are likely to fit with, adapt to and shape culture.